Sunday Morning

IMAG0111Ok, So going for a walk with my girlfriend and I have my Glucometer, and I tested before I left on our journey. All good right except the human factor. Walking is exercise and blood sugars are driven by many variables that can’t always be accounted for. Like walking further than you planned. Your morning Humalog insulin is still burning off breakfast and next thing you know, a reaction happens on your walk. So what did I forget?

You guessed right if you said I didn’t bring along some glucose tablets, hard candy or orange juice. As I said, the human factor, I didn’t forget I always keep some hard candy in my coat pockets. What I failed to do is double check, that there were still some candies left. Lucky for me my girlfriend keeps some hard candy in her purse as a backup. Good thing!

IMAG0145Here is the hard part. You need to keep your wits about you, let others help and when you first feel it coming on don’t ignore it and keep walking even if you are a few blocks from home. Because walking is an exercise and if you are 40 mg/dl in a few block you could burn off enough sugar to cause you to collapse, landing you in the hospital. So take a time-out and test then choose what your next move is. Maybe your friend has to run home to get some sugar for you.

If you are stuck on your morning run alone and have no place to get sugar, don’t be afraid to call 911 for help. Remember the sooner you act, the better off you are. Even here you have options do be afraid to ask a stranger running by for help.

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