Straphanging in NYC

IMAG0150It is morning rush hour! I am on the train heading to my office on the Upper Westside of Manhattan and look around me. There are straphangers everywhere I look! A question pops into my head, “Is Riding the subway exercise?”

The Journey starts with walking to the subway, standing in one place or pacing while waiting for the train. When the train comes, you step into a packed car and hold on for dear life! While, your body try’s to balance for 30 minutes to an hour. If that isn’t exercising, I don’t know what it is. Maybe not Cardio but you get a workout. Just ask any New Yorker.

When getting on the train, you may want to carry a snack with you, in case your blood sugar levels drop.

Straphanging is frustrating enough without low blood sugars. Now add losing focus and cognitive stability to the mix. You now have a disaster waiting to happen.

Being prepared for a low blood sugar is important! Don’t be the one to hold the train up! Instead be prepared so you can walk off the train like everyone else, on their way to work.

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Medical Disclaimer:
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